En vänsterspiker som högerspiker, en center som högerspiker eller varför inte en libero som vänsterspiker. Dessutom en högerspiker som passare. När head coach Pedro Mendes byter rejält bland sina spelare, avslutas ändå helgen som bara det bästa lag kan göra…


Nja det är ju inte på grund av att det är roligt som damlaget har fått stuvas om ordentligt de senaste matcherna. Men när det, som i helgen, funkade så bra som det gjorde finns det inga tvivel att just detta lag gör allt för att vinna sina matcher. Dessutom har laget en otrolig sammanhållning som visar sig både under träning och i matcher.

Nu är det snart dags för det roligaste på hela säsongen. Snart börjar slutspelet!

 Njut av Pedro Mendes egna ord;

After 7 long months of hard work, the regular season is finally over. Now it’s time for the most fun part of the season, the playoffs! And as a coach, I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end it.

 An away win versus one of the top teams in the league (Örebro – H/H Volley 2-3) and how the win happened… A truthful lesson of what a teamwork is. It’s not new for anyone that we have had some difficulties preparing the team over the last three weeks. So we went to Orebro yesterday with only one goal… to enjoy the game in the most deep possible way, and that was exactly what it turned out to be.

 After a tough first set, where the team looked clearly tired and slow, Orebro stepped up and send right away the signs that they wanted to get that win, and the result was comfortable one in the first set. In the second set, we started doing some changes around the team, and that seemed to paid off right away. The players that came in were really fired up to play and help their teammates, but once again the home team took the set after a very competitive 28×26 one.

 But the fun for real started in the 3rd set. If the home team thought we would just give away the match, they were very wrong… Our offense started to work better, and our block/defense system slowing down their main weapons in attack allowing us to finish the third set with a convincing 25×20 win.

 As the fourth set went by, once again the home team have shown that if we wanted to win that match, we would have to work really hard for it, and that’s when I saw my players stepping up as brave warriors, fighting for every ball, like it was the last play of their lives… filling the whole court with that amazing energy and ended up turning around a 20×13 lose into a 23×25 win. We literally had to use everyone and everything we have left in our bodies to stay alive in that set, showing a huge spirit of competition and desire to win. Proving once again, that the winning mindset has definitely taken place for good into the heart of our team.


Going into the 5th set, there was no one in the gym that would doubt that we would go for that win! All of the momentum and excitement, brought to our team the energy that we needed to finish the game regardless of the tiredness or anything else that could possibly stop us. With another super exciting performance, we managed to pulled off the win with Esther/Klara as the OH, Tilda as a setter, Hanna as our OP, Lilly/Jacqui as our MB and Emmy as our Libero. I am sure we all have learned in a deeper level yesterday the meaning of teamwork, trusting and believing. An extra congrats to all of the players in the roster yesterday but in special to three of them; Our MB, Lilly for the amazing performance in blocking yesterday with 10 kill blocks, proving to be the best MB in the Swedish league throughout the season. Then Klara and Tilda with a very brave act of selfless devotion by putting the team above their personal interests, playing in different positions on the court, and helping their teammates to get through a long and challenging match.


Tack Pedro för en underbar beskrivning och wow till tjejerna som verkligen imponerar!

 Nästa för våra tjejer är nu Kvartsfinaler mot Gislaved VK.
Första matchen börjar först om nästan 2 veckor. Först är det åttondelsfinal för några andra lag i serien och därefter, helgen 13-14 mars är det dags för kvartsfinal nr 1, vilken spelas i Gislaved.

Bild Robert Boman

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